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Get Well Soon Sudoku

600 Large Print Beginner Sudoku Puzzles

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This great book contains 600 fun and easy Sudoku puzzles that are perfect for beginners who want to learn how to keep their mind active. Check the sample puzzle on the back cover to examine the beginner level.

Sudoku can be very relaxing. You get a real sense of satisfaction from having figured out the puzzles.

It can keep your mind sharp by stretching your brain with puzzles.

Packed with puzzles in an 8.5 x 11-inch book. 6 puzzles per page with solutions overleaf with a font size of 20pt.
Getting ill can be really boring when a loved one is stuck in bed recovering from an illness.

This book of large print Beginner Sudoku puzzles is a way to keep the mind active. The puzzles are very easy and are not for experienced Sudoku solvers. It’s a great way to learn Sudoku for beginners.

This is a great gift for any loved one who is cooped up at home in isolation or at the hospital and needs stimulation while they recover.
This book will certainly lift the spirits.

Buy this book for a loved one recuperating after an illness or surgery and show that you care with this thoughtful gift.