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Huge Print USA State Cities Word Search is now released on Amazon.

Huge Print USA State Cities Word Search: 50 Word Searches Extra Large Print to Challenge Your Brain (Huge Font Find a Word for Children, Adults & Seniors (Huge Print Word Search)

The first Word Search book from Cute Huur is now available on Amazon.


All 50 US States are featured. 24 cities per state are hidden in each puzzle.

No eye strain with this book!
This book is a great to relax while keeping your mind active.
The huge print size makes the puzzles, word lists and solutions easy to read.

24 cities from every US State is included in the book. You could learn something new about the choices of city names that certain states have.

The puzzles are of medium complexity.

You will spend hours of brain challenging activity finding each city name.

Bonus tip – check off each city that have ever visited or if you know someone from that place.

 Huge print easy-to-read puzzles

  • Giant full page puzzles
  • Four pages per puzzle
  • Full page word list
  • Full page grid
  • 2 full page solutions
  • 24 city words to find in each puzzle